Recent History

The following is the recent history of the five realms and their conflicts. The date at the beginning of the campaign is 17th Day of the Month of Roses in the year 3256 AF.

3230 – 3240 AF

The Empire, once jealous of the power of the magical realms, struck out to try and claim the glen font in its territory. They invaded the glen region, causing the four fonts to unify in might and repel them. The war, known as the Glen War, lasted for about 7 years. The Empire and the Font Alliance reached a stalemate and brokered armistice.

The end of the war signaled the end of Emperor Yeshui and marked the reign of Empress Yoheva. The glen realm grew powerful and it had a strong military that lacked direction.

3240 – 3250 AF

The Font Alliance formally signed treaties to align with each other, but it wasn’t meant to be. Since not one region had a unified rule, the treaty ended up balancing on the agendas of at least eight separate cultures. The natural inclination for the fonts to seek power flared up.

During this time, the Empire was struggling under Empress Yoheva’s rule. She was inexperienced and her people suffered hardships after the Glen War. For twelve years, the people were uneasy and bitter about their perceived loss. Empress Yoheva opened her borders to immigrants from the magical lands to encourage trade and revitalize her economy. For the most part, it worked.

3250 AF – Present

The Glen Advance

The Shapers struggled with their economy over the last decade. They bloomed like flowers during the war struggle, but it soon became bloated. The Shaper leaders knew their land was lush and witnessed the power of their font aimed at war. They looked upon their southern neighbors in the desert and realized the desert font destroyed a once-thriving woodlands eons ago. Close observation on their borders saw that the desert was encroaching into the forest.

This struck fear into the Shapers. They called upon their warriors to defend the forest from the arid desert and began the current war, known as the Glen Advance. This dissolved the Font Alliance and sparked the colonials of the sea raiding the glacials of the arctic.

The magical lands fell into internal war and the Empire watched on.

The Empire

The Empire watched as the magical lands fought amongst each other. Continual waves of immigration flooded the Empire’s borders, threatening the socioeconomic structure of the nation.

In response to this immigration process, the Empire designated the less-established and still war-damaged western region as the Pale Settlement, which would serve as a home for the war-displaced people in the year 3253.

Pale Settlement

The Pale Settlement became a controversial plan in the Empire. Many imperials felt that keeping the reality-distorting and nature-warping magical people apart from their capital and government centers prudent. Others through it was best to expel them back to the land they came from.

Over the next three years, the Pale Settlement was targeted by nationalist attacks. Hated and jealousy towards the magical people that immigrated there was oppressive for the refugees. Worst of all, the residents of the Pale Settlement were vastly outnumbered. They left a war-torn home, so the immigrants focused on enduring occasional pogroms or problems. It was better than going to war, after all.

Recent History

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