Magic is a powerful force in Eretzé. The four separate fonts acts as wellsprings of magical might. Each adventuring character is attuned to one font and can draw from its magical power to aid in and out of combat.


The four fonts opened up 3256 years ago, starting the current age After-Font (AF). They quickly eroded the natural environments around them and impressed idealized ecosystems on a massive scale. Many humans were distorted by the sudden magic and mutated into the four non-man races. Similarly, animals and beasts were enhanced somehow by local fonts.

What Can Magic Do?

Magic is very powerful. Each font has some elemental force it best aligns with. Sadly, even magic has limitations.

As far as anyone has been able to find, magic has yet to create sustaining food. It can create edible substance, but no race can consume it and survive on it — no nutritional value. Magic also has yet to raise anyone from the dead. As far as you know, death is permanent in the MMO (soon to be reality). You can always test that theory, though!

Magic’s most obvious effect is the ecosystem-manipulating power. Each font distorted and destroyed the natural order around them, establishing very resilient environments instead. Many characters can embrace this with their powers. Environmental powers act like this — use them well.

Each of you is attuned to a font and has magic. Some even have the “ritualist” advantage, which allows you to improvise magical effects outside of battle. Depending on the effect you want to achieve, it can take time, resources, and research.

How Does Magic Work?

Magic, for the most part, is practically instinctual for your avatars. They know how to use their abilities and everyone channels their soul’s connection to a font for magical oomph. There is no mana, statistically. Each power is usable fully and continuously. That means that, as long as you are alive and have a support avatar, you will probably survive post-battle.

Rumors exist of special people able to reach multiple fonts and aligning themselves with them. This lets them swap between magical sources and adapt to whatever situation they encounter.

There are non-magical people, especially in the Empire. The Empire is, last survey, 94% non-magical. They use more advanced technology to survive and defend their still-original ecosystems from magical influences.


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