How to Create a Character

Hello and welcome to The Fifth Font campaign! I will guide you through what you need to do to create a character to enjoy this fully.

To begin with, we will be using a slightly modified version of Mutants and Masterminds 3e. I have created 16 basic classes and five races for you to pick from when the time comes.


You are an end-game player in the Swords & Cloaks hit MMO Daggers of Fate (DoF). DoF has been out for 12 years now and has grown to be a strong global presence in the gaming world. Recently, Swords & Cloaks has announced its next MMO project Eretzé: The Fifth Font (TFF), a spiritual successor to DoF. TFF just released its beta invitations and you, as a member of a leading raiding party in DoF, were invited with other members of your group.

Not much is known about TFF. From your understanding, you are meant to start in the battlefield for the Glen Advance. You are supposed to be part of a secret faction striving to balance the magical fonts and bring peace once more.

All is not well and, when you start up the game, you find yourself living as your avatar in the digital world. The Empire, to be specific. That isn’t where you’re supposed to begin — this is not a low-level starting area!

Now you, as a person, need to create two personas for this game: you will create your player and your avatar. A player is the person who is behind the computer. You might have a job, school or family. You can come from nearly any walk of life. You, for some reason, are part of your fantastic raid group and have devoted probably too many hours to the game. You are part of a team with your fellow players, for better or for worse. You can choose whether you all voice talked or even met up in person. For inspiration, you can always check out some geeky sources like The Guild.

Your player received a basic overview of TFF through the beta information packet (that information is whatever you find on this wiki). Your player then creates his or her first in-game avatar for TFF. That means you need to pick a race and a class.

Creating an Avatar

Creating an avatar is super simple. Being an MMO, and since you start off as a fairly low level in the game, you just need to pick the following:

  • 1 of the 16 available classes.
    • You can start by picking one of four fonts then one of four roles, or roles then fonts.
  • 1 of the 5 available races.
    • There are minor statistical differences, but for the most part it is meant to augment whatever aesthetic you pick.
  • Male or female sex.
    • Wholly superficial, from your player’s understanding. You might be a G.I.R.L. (Guy In Real Life or a Girl in Real Life) who is playing a character with an opposite sex to yours.

Being the fantastic players you are, you are even encouraged to forge a backstory and fill it in for your avatar. Since you, as a player, do not know much about the world, you don’t have too many specifics. Be broad, give rough reasoning, and plan that new time-sink of a character.

To learn about races and classes, go here: Race and Class Overview

Meta Stuff

Each class has powers, attributes, skills, and so on. Your player’s qualities do not factor in at all in the statistics of the game. That is for you to do a single-level metagame — the players might try to metagame for their avatars. You as the person rolling the dice and so on don’t quite have that luxury.


The campaign will explore the idea of adapting and compromising in the face of physical and psychological stresses. Your player may not be emotionally or mentally equipped to handle the sudden change of appearing as a little plant shaman when he is normally a brutish bouncer in real life. Your player may have family they miss, lives they long to return to, or may even feel the world of Eretzé is preferable to the real, mundane existence you left behind.

Your first task is to find a way to survive in this place. Your initial end goal to be “return to Earth”, but you may find a new purpose. You might try this by attempting to return to the war-stricken land and bring about peace, thus completing the main storyline. You might try this by trying to figure out how you got here in the first place and reverse it. You might try a whole new method!

Much of the world is roughly designed, but very much fluid enough to adapt to your paths and choices. Every decision I consider “important” (and there will be many) will influence how the world responds to you. Teamwork is key to survival so please try to make amicable characters that can work alongside each other. No Sword Art Online solo play business here, you may not survive.

How to Create a Character

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