The Fifth Font

Session 3

Razuti Camp

The party found themselves shipped to the Razuti internment camp on the fringes of Cin. There, they met a guard eager to defect With her aid, the band of adventurers managed to get themselves and only themselves out of the camp. There were some casualites on the Empire’s side, but the heroes got away.

In this session, the following choices and consequences were made:

  • The adventurers followed along with Yuliana Agata’s plan of escape through the creek grate.
  • No other members of the camp were taken with the party.
  • Enemy soldiers were killed after the party was noticed trying to escape. Some soldiers fled.
  • Faulty music scrolls were installed in some nullifying music boxes in the camp.

For these choices and consequences, you earned 4 points for one class and 2 for a secondary class.

No milestones were reached.

This session earned you 4 points for a primary class and 2 points for a secondary class.


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