The Fifth Font

Session 2

How the party was captured in Cin

The players started their voyage on the Catherine, where they met Captain Kirsher and First Officer Morten. These two salty sailors purchased the Catherine back from the Empire after the war almost 20 years ago and have converted the Convalesence-class ship into a glorified long-distance ferry. Everything was going smoothly, even with meeting another mage named Francesca. Woe unto the party one night when, in a meteor shower, Francesca was taken over by DT, a fellow raider.

The experience left the party moderately shocked and the ship moderately pocked with holes. Through impromptu arctic and sea magic, the players helped keep the ship afloat long enough to reach a forested islet. There, they encountered some celestially-distorted wolves and even captured one. A brutal attempt at an autopsy was made (maybe it’s time to invest in something better than a hunting knife) and no insights onto the biological cause of magic was discovered.

The party helped collect wood and patch up the Catherine just enough to reach Cin, where it would stay in port and make more formal repairs.

When approaching the port, Captain Kirsher informed the players that they may not be too welcomed and offered a way to sneak off the ship during the routine inspection. Instead of doing that, the party jumped off the Catherine before she made anchor and swam to the pier.

This is where things got interesting. Pom chose to stay hidden in a city that may not be welcoming to non-humans, but the rest of the party didn’t. This caused a chase that separated the party completely and ended in the capture of Leet. When trying to find Leet, Monte was captured. When trying to run to the Shanty for sanctuary, Francesca was captured.

Pom followed Francesca to a secured ferry leading to the Rusk island, but what could be there? She fled to the Shanty to try and find help in her perilous situation.

In this session, the following choices and consequences were made:

  • The Catherine was saved from sinking.
  • All other riders but the first officer and captain perished.
  • A single celestial wolf was saved and is being domesticated.
  • The party abandoned the ship before reaching the pier.
  • Leet fought violently against her pursuers, but was captured.
  • Monte tried to conceal his non-human nature in a crowd, but was captured.
  • Francesca tried to conceal her non-human nature in a crowd, but was captured.
  • Pom successfully stealthed in the city and was not captured.
  • Pom went to the Shanty for aid.

For these choices and consequences, you earned 2 points.

No milestones were reached.

The second session gave you 2 points to spend on a single class.


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