The Fifth Font

Session 1

Where are we and how do we get out of Sem

After signing into the Beta for the first time, the unknowing heroes of our story awoke to a crisp early morning speckled with a meteor shower. After an unfortunate incidents with superstitious locals freaking out at you, calling you star-fallen, you proceeded to the nearest large settlement Sem. There, you experienced some of the social issues currently in the Empire, like immigrant rights and the like. After discussing where you would like to end up, you decided to head to the Fifth Font, known as the Celestial Font, by going to the port city Cin.

Once out of the Pale Settlement, you may encounter less legal protection. Be on your guard, intrepid adventurers!

In this session, the following choices were made:

  • The Marshal and Inquisitor you met were killed.
  • You hunted and killed a deer-like creature, skinned it, tore apart its insides, then left the body in the woods.
  • You socialized with the Outer Camps of Sem, trying to blend in with the Verna and trying to simply be friendly with the Kayuk.
  • You sold the Marshal’s armor to a less-reputable and less-official merchant.
  • You left the Pale Settlement to head to Cin.

For these decisions, you earned 3 points.

You achieved the following milestone:

  • You left Sem to reach the Celestial Font.

For this, you earned 1 point and unlocked 1 class in your font.

For the revelation you are in a game, and for Leet’s resistance to that, you earn 1 extra point.

The first session gives you 1 new class, 5 points to spend on a primary class, 3 on a secondary class.


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