Race and Class Overview

The world is populated with five races a player can choose from.



Man is the most populous race and is found across the globe. They are an industrious and ambitious people.

Kayuk are a slender race of anthropomorphic fox-like people. They originally hail from the frozen north.

Anabo are a massive race of dog-like people from the burning south.

Floren are a race of plant-like sprites in the wild, mountainous east.

Verna are a harsh race of people touched by the deep of the ocean. They are closely attuned with death.


Character Classes

Lands and Regions

Classes are categorized by what role they play in combat and which magical font they are aligned with.


The four magical fonts, casually called “wells”, are four sites of incredible magical power. Their very presence distorts the land and people around them. Long before memory, mankind found a way to align themselves with a font. This granted them an affinity with magic. Over the centuries, magical disciplines have grown from hedge mages to complex structures.

The four fonts are arctic, desert, glen, and sea.


The arctic font is located in the far north. It has trapped the frigid tudra under a dark sky. Even during the day, the sun barely shines. The nights are long and cold. Arctic magic is closely attuned to the cold, shadows, and stealth.

The arctic classes are vikingr, shadowdancer, skald, and shadowmancer.


The desert font is located in the south. It shines bright and hot and it scorched the once-lush land into a desolate wasteland full of minerals and wealth. Desert magic is closely aligned to fire, light, and sand.

The desert classes are maryannu, sandsliver, ratoke, and setika.


The glen font is located in the central-eastern lands. It brings forth lush life abundant in animal and plant, but it erodes artificial structure. Glen magic is closely aligned to plant, animal, and natural forces.

The glen classes are warden, hunter, shaman, and tempest.


The sea font is located deep under the western archipelagio. It is the gateway into the afterlife. Sea magic is closely aligned to waters, death, and the afterlife.

The sea classes are reaver, corsair, medium, and warlock.


There are four broad roles the classes fit into.


The tank is the bulwark in a party. Their job is to grab the attention of the enemy, engage them, and protect their comrades. Tanks are by far the most tough classes. Each tank has the capability to engage the enemy in some way and to keep their attention.

The tank classes are vikingr, maryannu, warden, and reaver.


The damage is the focused weapon in a party. Their job is to pick a single enemy and deal powerful damaged to them. Damage characters are the most mobile and offer some utility and skill outside of their lethal profession.

The damage classes are shadowdancer, sandsliver, hunter, and corsair.


The support is the lifeblood of a party. Their job is to keep everyone alive and to enhance their performance. Support characters can heal and most can debilitate the enemy while dishing out their own damage.

The support classes are skald, ratoke, shaman, and medium.


The caster is the explosive power of a party. Their job is to deal massive damage to a wide selection of enemies and to control the battlefield. Casters are usually the most vulnerable of characters, so they stay far from the front lines.

The caster classes are shadowmancer, setika, tempest, and warlock.

Race and Class Overview

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