Leveling and the Class System

Each time you complete a milestone or make an important decision in-game, you will get points to spend on your character. To allow the flexibility of an MMO, I will also allow class swapping.

Multiclass System

When you complete a significant story milestone, you can unlock one new class. There is a limit on what kinds of classes you can unlock.

Fonts and Race

Your avatar is attuned to at least 1 font. Each font has 4 classes associated with it. As long as you are attuned to the matching font, you can unlock that class. There are no racial restrictions on any class.

There are four ‘mundane’ classes that have no font associated with them. By affiliating with a guild, cluster, academy, or tutor in that field, you can learn the basics and extrapolate the rest. Your ability to attune to fonts allows you to attune to that experience set as well. Unlocking one mundane class does not unlock the rest, though.

Swapping Classes

When you start a game session, you declare which class your character is. Once per that session, through a meditative moment, you can swap classes out and enjoy the statistics and mechanics of another class.

In-universe Reasoning

Each magical font is alive. When anyone attunes themselves with it, a trace of their experiences, skills, and talents are imprinted upon the font. When your avatar grows in spirit, they find themselves able to call upon this network. The font allows them access to the knowledge, skill, and spells of like-minded people at the cost of suppressing their current arrangement. As your avatar grows, you can attune yourself to even more kinds of memory sets and add to them.

The meditative process takes about 3 hours and it is spiritually draining. You can only do it so often.


At the end of each session, I tally your choices, successes, and failures. Depending on how much I think you learned and how much you achieved, you gain points to spend on your avatar as you see fit.

I will offer x number of points for you to spend on a single class. You can then spend x-2 points on a second class. This way, you strengthen your “main” but also grow secondaries alongside it.

You unlock a class before you can spend points. This means a newly unlock class could have points given to it if you so desire.

I provided the framework of 16 base classes and up to 8 bonus classes. You can take this and customize them to better match your playstyle with the leveling system.


  1. Read the message I send you.
  2. If applicable, unlock a new class. You can pick 1 class you do not have in any font you are attuned to. You can be attuned to multiple fonts.
  3. Apply points as desired. If you do not want to spend points yourself or deal with the nit-and-gritty level up system, you can just tell me what you want to do and I will do the points for you.

Leveling and the Class System

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