Character Classes

The following is a list of each character class and a summary of their capabilities. Due to the two sets of classification (role and font), the classes are organized by name.



Sea damage class

The corsair is a seafaring class. Casually known as pirates, the corsair are equipped with a nimble blade and a powerful crossbow. They can weave into melee and out into ranged combat with ease. They can swim, leap, land, and run more efficiently than most anybody else, which they use to their full advantage. They are also expert at lies and deception, which they use fully in combat to trick and confuse their enemy.

Play a corsair if you want to be a rope-swinging, crafty pirate who is able to fight in almost any quarter.


Glen damage class

The hunter is a wandering woodsman at home in the forest. Using their glen magic, they can camouflage themselves in almost any environment and soften their steps, perfect for stalking their prey. They leave no trace, can walk easily on almost any surface, and deal incredibly accurate ranged damage with their bow.

Play a hunter if you want to be a stealthy predator who can track their prey and silently take them down.


Desert tank class

The maryannu is a heavily armored tank who originates from the great military city-states of the desert. Maryannu can bind their enemies in chains, locking them down. With these chains, the Maryannu can drag them into close range and away from their comrades. When close, the Maryannu wreathes themselves in flame and locks down their enemy with a flurry of their war chain.

Play the maryannu if you want to be a mobile fortress that prevents escape.


Sea support class

The medium is a powerful manipulator of life from the death cults at sea. She can inflict a contagious plague amongst her enemies or even scar their very soul. Conversely, she can heal allies from afar and create a temporary wellspring of life energy to knit wounds.

Play the medium if you want to be a powerful practitioner of the balance between life and death.


Desert support class

The ratoke is an armored beacon of hope in the desert military city-states. They can enact one of two kinds of auras — a calming regenerative presence that gradually heals wounds and a secure protective light that shields from damage. To augment this, the ratoke can heal many allies at once and wields a powerful warhammer to lead the charge in combat.

Play the ratoke if you want to support all of your party from the front-lines as you punish your foes.


Sea tank class

The reaver is a powerful person touched by the eternal afterlife in the sea. They returned to the world of the living to enact final judgement on their foes. Unique amongst the tank classes, the reaver assaults enemies to repair their own wounds and can move through people across the battlefield to track down their foe.

Play the reaver if you want to be a fast-moving protective force who turns an enemy’s weakness into your strength.


Desert damage class

The sandsliver is a nomadic desert traveler who is bonded closely with an enchanted spear. They can attack just behind the front lines in combat while scrying to scout across the dunes. They are potentially the most skilled of all classes and their versatile education means they are never caught unprepared.

Play a sandsliver if you want to provide utility in and out of battle while you skewer enemies on a flaming spear.


Desert caster class

The setika is the raw, explosive power of the sun harnessed by a desert hermit. They deal the most offensive might out of the caster classes with their firebomb spell, but it leaves them vulnerabile. Because of this, they cloak themselves in fire and wrap a sandstorm around their enemies to try and hinder their foes.

Play a setika if you want to bring the wrath of the desert to your enemies, even at great risk to yourself.


Arctic damage class

The shadowdancer is the nimble assassin-like class from the far north. When some people took shelter from the eternal blizzards deep in glacial caves, the shadowdancers learned to use the primal darkness as a tool and weapon. They forged special knives called seax out of this primal dark, which they use to cut an enemy from afar and turn their attacks back on them. The shadowdancer can slip between shadows, turn as invisible as a passing shade, and see in the blackest of nights.

Play a shadowdancer if you want to use stealth and shadow to strike quickly and subtly at your foes.


Arctic caster class

The shadomancer is the powerful conduit of the primal darkness that fills the arctic north. By attuning themselves with the ever-present nights and blizzards, the shadowmancer can bring darkness and death to the battlefield. Shadowmancers attack enemies with their own shadows. She can blind, chill, or even confuse the enemy with the mirages one sees in the dark. She can also cloak herself in shade as protection and can step through shadow to maneuver to a more advantageous location.

Play the shadowmancer if you want to disorient, harm, and dispatch your foes with cold efficiency.


Glen support class

The shaman is a forest hermit that has forged a bond with a powerful tree spirit known as a dryad. The shaman can call forth slivers of the dryad’s power to heal their allies while they hex their foes. The dryad shard can float around the battlefield tending to ally’s wounds while the shaman can entrance enemies to sleep or curse their luck.

Play the shaman if you want to simultaneously heal your allies while you hamper your enemies.


Arctic support class

The skald is the lorekeeper and saga-singer of the frozen north. She can use her words and stories to mend her allies wounds, entrance her enemies, or assault them forcefully around her. She has a bow and knife for when words must rest and swift retribution must be dealt.

Play the skald if you want to be a lorekeeper, musician, and warrior.


Glen caster class

The tempest is closely in tune with the spirits of weather and storm. She can strike at a foe using the earth and plants around them, or inflict upon them powerful weather effects to confuse and befuddle. Her weather powers are useful even outside of the combat.

Play a tempest if you want to call upon the fury of the storm to bring down upon your foes.


Arctic tank class

The vikingr is a powerful berserker who’s body has been mystically trained to repair almost any wound dealt to it. This regenerative power lends the vikingr a powerful battlefield presence. Vikingr can shout with the power of a calfed glacier at their foes, inspiring fear and keeping them away from allies. The vikingr then charges into combat with an ancestral battleax to cleave unto its foes.

Play a vikingr if you want to be a raging warrior who inspires fear in their enemies.


Glen tank class

The warden is the guardian of the forest. She can manipulate the land around her to emit paralyzing spores, hurl rocks at enemies, or even burrow through the toughest of minerals. This allows her to navigate to almost anywhere she needs to be and not even a mountain can stop her from pursuing her quarry.

Play a warden if you want to be an imposing force of nature that bends the earth to her whim.


Sea caster class

The warlock has dealt with entities deep in the mysterious afterlife and calls upon their might in combat. She can assault a warrior’s inner being with dark magic and call forth the deep abyss of the sea to drown her foes. Amongst her deadly array of spells, she can travel on water as if it were land and lend herself and her allies the ability to breath water.

Play a warlock if you want to be an avatar of death’s magic in combat.

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Character Classes

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